Making our Swords

KJM Rapper Swords are made using the highest quality materials

  • Top quality walnut handles
  • High tensile flexible steel blades
  • Solid brass fittings
  • Unique bearing system on rotating handle

    Sword handles showing solid brass rotating round handle and fixed blade.

A set of swords prior to completion

All swords are made to to the highest specifications using precision methods perfected by Jimmie Killner to ensure that these swords will give you the best response and performance every time they are used. Jimmie has worked with metallurgists to come up with the best steel  to give  the excellent flexibilty needed for rapper swords.

The unique blade fixing system makes the replacing of blades much easier than most traditional rapper swords.

Our rapper swords are made specifically for your side and the swords have set code numbers inserted in the handles

Swords can be made to any length that your side  requires.

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